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Monthly Archives: July 2013

The Acid Test Kit

Anyone that is serious about their metal detecting should have an Acid Test Kit, and I personally can't imaging not having one. I can't tell you how many times I dug a ring or other item and I wasn't absolutely sure of the metal content. Ever since I purchased one of theses Acid Test Kits … Continue reading »

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How to cut a plug

I want to talk a minute about how to cut a proper plug when digging a target that you found with your metal detector. It is very important that you take a careful and respectful approach to recovering targets especially when metal detecting on manicured lawns, public parks, or anyplace that is visible to the general … Continue reading »

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Metal Detecting Gloves

Putting your hand in a hole to retrieve an object while metal detecting sounds pretty safe until you grab onto a piece of aluminum can and slice your finger open. I know because I’ve done it! All to often a beginner will start metal detecting without gloves either thinking they won’t need them or simply … Continue reading »

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Home Electrolysis video

I am posting this home electrolysis video that I made while cleaning a few silver rings. If you have never done electrolysis and have always wondered how, then watch this video until the end, it is a little over 9 minutes long. You can use the same process for cleaning silver coins but I do not recommend it for rare or … Continue reading »

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