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Monthly Archives: August 2013

How to metal detect a wide open beach

For those of you that metal detect on beaches or those that are new to metal detecting and want to learn ways to properly approach a beach for metal detecting, I have created a video (shown at the bottom of this post) showing how I approach a wide open and flat beach. Not all beaches are like … Continue reading »

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How to use your metal detector (proper swing)

The following is a video showing proper metal detecting swing technique. It is not intended to cover all aspects of how to use your metal detector but to help beginners and others understand the importance of proper swing technique. Notice in the video how the detectorist keeps his coil to the ground, makes a wide … Continue reading »

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Lost Wedding Ring found August 2013

I was contacted by “Lost my Stuff” that someone in Ipswich, Massachusetts was looking for help finding a ring that he lost about a year ago. He had previously searched for it but had no luck. My detecting buddy Jeff & I responded to the request and met up with Jeremy at the house where he lost the … Continue reading »

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Glossary of Metal detecting Terms

All Metal: a non-discriminate control setting that  accepts detection of all metal objects, including ferrous (i.e.  iron-containing) ground minerals. Audio ID: also known as tone ID, this metal detector feature  identifies targets via a tone that corresponds to their conductivity. Cache: a group of objects that has been  intentionally hidden or buried. Clad: a term … Continue reading »

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