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3 Hour stroll on the beach tonight

Posted by on June 29, 2013

I took a 3 hour stroll on the beach tonight with my metal detector. It was a beautiful evening with a light breeze and temperature in the 70's. Not too many people on the beach, there were some folks just hanging about and about 3 wind surfers, a few stragglers in the water. I was hitting on a lot of targets and digging lots of clad when I then dug up this copper ring with a yellow CZ stone. It had me going for a second but I quickly realized it wasn't gold and therefore probably a fake stone.


I continued to find targets, a few pennies, dimes, quarters and a couple of matchbox type cars crusted with sand. It was getting pretty dark and I was heading in from near the low-tide line when my last signal from my metal detector was a nice high tone indicating silver or a coin (not a penny).


I dug the scoop in and in two scoops plucked the silver ring from the sand. It is a good size band with the word "Amore" on the outside and "Love" on the inside along with a 925 marking. Not a bad few hours of metal detecting on the beach.

Here is a picture of the area of the beach that I focused most of my attention on. It was an area just below were the high tide line meets the sand and it was worn a bit from the tide movement, exsposing some targets.

sand 1

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