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Metal Detecting Tips

Much needed information helpful to anyone interested in metal detecting.

How to cut a plug

I want to talk a minute about how to cut a proper plug when digging a target that you found with your metal detector. It is very important that you take a careful and respectful approach to recovering targets especially when metal detecting on manicured lawns, public parks, or anyplace that is visible to the general … Continue reading »

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Cleaning your finds

SILVER COIN FINDS A question I hear over and over is, what's the best way to clean my metal detecting finds? Unfortunately the answer is not so simple because every find is unique and cleaning your finds must be carefully thought out. In most cases regarding key-date coins and old antique items, you should not clean them. Even … Continue reading »

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Metal Detecting Tips and detectors for beginners

So you are interested in taking up metal detecting? You’ve seen the TV  shows, you know friends that are into metal detecting, or you have just always wondered about it (like I did), so you want to give it a try but you are not sure where to begin. What is the best metal detector for … Continue reading »

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Code of Ethics

Metal Detecting Code of Ethics. #1    I will respect private property and will not metal detect without the property owner's permission. #2    I will not destroy property, buildings or what is left of ghost towns and deserted structures. #3    I will not litter, always pack out what I take in and remove … Continue reading »

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Beach Metal Detecting Tips

Some quick pointers For Beach Metal Detecting; Imagine the treasure that can be found on a saltwater beach. Imagine not only the jewelry and coins that people lose, but the ship wrecks from the past, or other historical items that have washed ashore only to be buried in the sand again.  I'll give you a … Continue reading »

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