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Every Find Tells A Story

Posted by on December 23, 2013

So, I've been metal detecting now for about 10 years and I always am amazed at the things I dig up and I never take a find for granted because every find is unique. Everything I dig up while metal detecting has a story behind it and I often try to imagine what that story might be.

2 Cent coin found metal detecting

2 Cent Large Copper

 Like an old coin that I find,  or an old piece of jewelry, I often wonder who held it last, why is it here? I once found a beautiful Victorian diamond ring and it was one of the happiest times of my metal detecting experience, but I also realized that losing that ring was probably one of the most "unhappy" experiences of someone else's life, how ironic.

14k Gold, Diamond & Turquoise Victorian Ring metal detecting find

14k Gold, Diamond & Turquoise Victorian Ring

 I found a beautiful gold men's wedding band on the beach and did the usual fist pumping and exclaiming yes, as I happily placed it in my finds pouch. Then it dawned on me that someone, a husband or husband and father, was at the beach one day, probably with his wife and possibly children when he lost this ring.

14K gold wedding band

14K gold wedding band

 I picture them running happily towards the water, hand in hand, then splashing into the waves swinging their arms as people often do when jumping into the water. Next thing you know, the man is looking at his hand realizing his ring is gone and then there is that devastating feeling that comes with knowing that you won't be able to find it.

 A ring that may have meant the world to someone, may have been blessed by a priest at a wedding ceremony or handed down in the family. A ring that someone might have saved for to be a gift for that special day or a ring placed on a finger and sealed with a kiss from a loving new bride that now sits somewhere covered in sand, gone forever.

gold ring found metal detecting

18k gold ring

 Fast forward, here I come with my detector several years later, a few months later, or maybe the next day, who knows? I hear that tone shouting GOLD into my ears and dig up that beautiful ring and I'm doing the "happy dance."

 One of the hard truths about metal detecting is that usually one person's good fortune is a direct result of another person's misfortune.

 So whenever I find a piece of jewelry, an old coin, or any other item I dig up, I try to imagine the story behind it and whenever possible, if circumstances allow, I try to locate the owner of a lost piece of jewelry and return it to them. That's just what I like to do and you know something, I feel good doing it.

 Happy Hunting!

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