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Found & Returned Ring November 2012!

Posted by on June 24, 2013

Lost Ring found November 2012:

I had the pleasure of helping a very nice lady find a ring that she lost in her yard while raking leaves. I saw her post on, which I am a member of, and I contacted the family to arrange for me to hunt for the lost ring. The son of the woman who lost the ring posted this nice message on the Lostmystuff website. What an icredible feeling it was to find that treasured ring and to see the look on her face when I presented it to her, that was all the reward that I needed. Her son’s message is below.

Today was a fantastic day for my mom as she recovered her lost ring thanks to the time, skill and generosity of your group member Roger B. My mom lost her ring a week ago in her backyard when she was raking leaves. Both she and I searched for it with no luck.

f ring

When I was searching the web trying to find a place to rent a metal detector I came across the Lost My Stuff Group website ( and posted a lost item report. I was subsequently contacted by about 10 of your group’s members, including Roger, with offers to help search for the ring. I was overwhelmed by the charitable volunteerism offered by your group – it was really wonderful!

Because Roger lives in the next town over from us, I accepted his kind offer to come by and search for the ring. He came today with a couple metal detectors and we set out searching my mom’s backyard. After about an hour we had covered almost all the area where we thought it might be.

At this point, I didn’t have much hope that we would find the ring, until I heard the exclamation of joy from my mother!!

Roger had found the ring with his metal detector and then plucked it from the lawn after seeing it with his eyes. I can’t tell you how happy my mom and I are that Roger was able to find the ring as it contained a small engagement diamond that my deceased dad had given to her. She had been sick at heart at its loss but she is now so relieved and happy.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to Roger, your Group, and the other members who graciously offered to search for the ring. We wouldn’t have found it without you. It’s really a wonderful organization that you have providing such a valuable service.

Gratefully, Nicholas A.

Roger and the Happy Owner

found ring

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