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Found & Returned Medical Alert!

Posted by on June 23, 2013


I found this Medical Alert necklace while beach metal detecting. On the back of the pendant was a phone number and a serial number so I called the phone number and spoke with a woman who was very pleasant and eager to help. I explained to her that while I was metal detecting on a local beach I found this medical alert necklace and that I saw the phone number so thought I would call and see if someone could get this back to the rightful owner. She asked me if there was a serial number on the back so I read it to her. I asked her if she knew who it belonged to and she said yes and that she will send me a stamped and addressed envelope and they will get it back to the owner. I thought it was really cool that as a metal detecting hobbyist I can find something in the ground, that has been there for who knows how long, and return it to the person that lost it.

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