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Hand Trowels

Posted by on June 16, 2013

There are many different hand trowels or hand held digging tools used while metal detecting available, from the expensive to the not so expensive. Depending on the type of digging, amount of digging, and your budget, you will decide on which digger you will need. Here are some of the more popular choices;

Lesche Digging Tool & Sod Cutter The Lesche digger is one of the best hand held digging trowels out there. It is one of the more expensive but it is sturdy and very reliable and comes with a carrying case for your belt.

It is one of the top of the line metal detecting digging tools on the market and most serious detectorists have one.

Here's what others are saying;

"The price kind of scared me off until I actually held one in my hand. I thought it was probably just an over-priced garden hand trowel. It isn't. It's very well made and feels comfortable and well balanced in the hand."

"As an avid metal detectorist, this is a MUST HAVE. I was initially hesitant about buying this product (a shovel is a shovel, right?). Finally, I took the plunge. Turns out, this thing is money. It's smaller surface area means much more precise recovery than a regular garden digger. The serrated edges make cutting through small and medium sized roots a breeze. In addition, the durable construction means you don't really have to worry about breaking your digging tool every time you try and pry a rock or something like that out of the ground."

"This is the best digging tool I have tried yet! I have two now… back ups never hurt. Handle is comfortable, blade is very strong, cutting teeth work well and the extra wide hand guard is great for that additional pushing power. I highly recommend this tool! Don't settle for another."

As you can see, this is  a popular tool for metal detecting and many feel it is a "must have" many hobbyists that swing a metal detector.

I highly recommend this tool, I personally was able to get one for under $35 and it is worth every penny. Many people will opt for a cheaper version from a hardware store and some do ok with those digging tools, but many break and that can end up costing more in the long run. 

Ames True Temper digging Tool The Ames True Temper digging tool for metal detecting is a pretty decent tool and it is reasonably priced. many swear by it and use it regularly. Some say it will break with heavy use but many disagree. I use one and it has never broken on me and it is lighter than the Lesche.

Here's what others are saying;

"I use this for metal detecting. It is awesome! I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a simple solution to digging plugs."

"I like the serrated edge for cutting while digging through roots, cuts out sod plugs for metal detecting beautifully. Would like to see a normal pointed nose as an option though."

"This tool will last a lifetime…it is so sturdy."

"Ames did a great job with digger! It is multi function and super durable. It can get into the hardest of soil with little or no problems. The bag cutter is great and works well as a root cutter too."

The True Temper digging tool is a good digger for metal detecting and it is very reasonably priced for those with a limited budget and those just starting out.

Fiskars Big Grip Garden Knife The Fiskars digging tool is another favorite of metal detecorists for its price. lots of people use them and love them and their lifetime warranty. A problem many have though is the handle snaps to easily but with the lifetime warranty it is easily replaced.

Some features it has are;

  • Large, soft molded grips provide added comfort and control
  • Serrated knife edge to cut through roots and other tough material
  • Coated metal head resists rust
  • Lifetime warranty

Here's what others are saying;

"The first time I tried to use this tool with any force, it snapped in half. I'll be returning it for a refund and applying the credit to a solid steel tang hori-hori, like I should have gotten in the first place. Someone at the company contacted me almost immediately after I posted this, and offered to send me a new one at no charge. I've been using that one regularly now for four years and it has proven durable and my very favorite yard tool."

"I love the feel of my Fiskars' garden knife. But after only a little while of use, the handle came loose from the blade. I wrote Fiskars' customer service, and they responded promptly with a new product. I use it all the time."

"I keep this knife with my metal detector. It is perfect for digging a small round hole. The curve in the blade allows me to pull a plug from the ground with disturbing much soil." 

As you can see with the Fiskars, they can break under heavy use but the lifetime warranty is very helpful so the very low price makes it desirable.

Garrett Edge Digger

This digger has a durable carbon steel blade with cutting edge teeth, making it ideal for recovering coins and relics. It also features a comfortable rubber handle and a non-slip blade guard, bringing the total length to 12” inches & it Includes a carry sheath for belt mount use.

Here's what others are saying;

"So far this is a great little digger and seems to be rock solid. I had no problem with my plugs, even in hard ground. It feels natural in your hand and has a long blade for deeper targets. I like the sheath, although the velcro strap for the handle sometimes gets in the way when re-holstering, but nevertheless a nice addition. It also comes with a Garrett 2 year warranty which is great."

"This digging tool is awesome! Goes for either right or left handed as cutting edge is on both sides. makes things easier to get out of the ground! Would buy again."

Clearly this is another good digging tool for metal detecting and it is made by Garrett Metal Detectors, a very reputable dealer.


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