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Helpful Metal Detecting Accessories

Posted by on March 31, 2014

Universal Rapid Battery Charger

Stop wasting so much $$$ on batteries! Yes, even those throwaway alkaline batteries!

It charges AA, AAA, C, D, N, 9V, Ni-MH (Nickel Metal Hydride), Ni-CD (Nickel Cadmium), RAM (Rechargeable Alkaline Manganese) and even Alkaline (previously Non-Rechargeable) batteries.

Now you can save money spent on single use batteries by actually re-charging them and using them over and over again, just like rechargeable batteries. Check out this battery charger from Amazon, it has great reviews!


Illuminated Dual Lens Jeweler’s Loupe

Never have trouble identifying a find again! With a jeweler’s Loop you can look for those hard to see markings on your metal detecting finds.

Here’s a great price on a dual illuminated loop!


Precious Metals Acid Test Kit

This is a kit to Test Silver, Platinum, Gold Purity 10kt 14kt 18kt 22kt 24kt from PuriTEST, one of the most trusted in the business for Acid Test Kits.

Be prepared to test all your precious metal finds and be certain what treasure you have discovered with your metal detector.

It also comes with a digital scale for weighing your finds and it comes with a LIFETIME guarantee.


Minelab Finds Pouch

This awesome Minelab Finds Pouch will protect and secure all your metal detecting finds.


Treasure Wise Finds Pouch with Nylon Web Belt (Waist size up to 42″)

This is a great pouch to secure your finds. It features two compartments, with velcro fasteners, to seperate the good finds from the trash. It comes with an adjustable nylon belt. You’ll get many years of use from this pouch.


Garrett Pro-Pointer, Edge Digger with Sheath and Camo Finds Pouch Combo!

This Bundle contains the GARRETT Pro-Pointer, GARRETT EDGE Digging Tool and the Garrett Camo pouch.

Belt fits up to a 48″ waist.

3 quality products in one!

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