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It’s not just about the Bling!

Posted by on December 17, 2013

With all the recent metal detecting television shows and advertisements for metal detectors it’s no wonder so many new people are getting into the hobby. How can anyone resist with the TV show exclamations of “BOOM BABY!” and the comments like “I’ve found over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in jewelry” or “I’ve found over a million dollars in artifacts” being made over the airwaves to millions.

metal detecting finds

  Unfortunately some folks approach metal detecting as a “get rich quick” scheme only to be severely disappointed and quickly give up. What doesn’t come out in the TV shows is the hours upon hours of digging “trash” or items that may have “history” but no “historical value” so to speak.


Part of the reason many of us stick with this hobby is the understanding of that reality, combined with getting satisfaction from digging up something that was dropped or buried years ago, and questioning the story behind it, the mystery of how it got there, who may have held it last, and why it is where it is?


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you can’t or won’t find valuable stuff, what I am saying is that it won’t come easy for the vast majority of metal detecting enthusiasts. I am able to pay for my hobby by cashing in on some of my finds but the hobby is not making me “rich” in the monetary sense, however it does make me “rich” in other ways.


For one, I get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, I love getting up before sunrise and hitting a nice serene & scenic beach in the earliest hour when the tide is going out and especially when there is a nice sea breeze.


beach metal detecting

~~I also enjoy a beautiful park late in the day when most folks have left and I can scan the ground without concern or interruption.Metal detecting a park

 And hey, while pulling hundreds of pull-tabs, rusty nails, bottle-caps, etc. I do find an occasional silver coin or ring, gold jewelry, or an old relic as an added bonus. 

metal detecting finds
 Just go into this hobby with the understanding that it’s not just about the bling, there is so much more to it. If you can do that, then this hobby is for you!


Happy Hunting

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