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Metal Detecting Beach Finds 2013

Posted by on December 13, 2013

metal detecting finds

Found these 5 rings, 4 silver and one 18k gold.

rings found while metal detecting

4 ring day, 2 gold and 2 silver

Coins found beach metal detecting

Silver, Copper Large Cent and a V Nickle

Crotal Bell from the beach

18th Century Crotal Bell

Indian Head Penny found beach detecting

1905 Indian Head Penny

Diamond ring found metal detecting

24 diamonds and 4 ruby ring

gold ring found metal detecting

18k gold ring

Tungsten Ring found metal detecting

Tungsten Ring Sz. 13

picture of recent metal detecting finds

Big fat silver ring

beach metal detecting finds

Whole lot of pocket change

Toy car found metal detecting

Hot Rod

Chanel Ring found detecting

Chanel Ring

rings found metal detecting

From another 4 ring day

Celtic Ring and cross

Celtic Ring and cross


Tootsie Toy Fire Engine found while metal detecting

Tootsie Toy Fire Engine

metal detecting finds

Lead bullets and toys

beach metal detecting ring finds

silver rings before and after cleaning

Victorian ring found metal detecting the beach

Victorian 14k Gold, Diamond and Turquoise Ring


Pandora Bracelet found metal detecting

Pandora Bracelet

14k gold chain found on beach

37 grams of 14k gold chain


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