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Sand Scoops for Metal Detecting

Posted by on June 17, 2013

So, you’re on the beach doing some metal detecting with your new metal detector, and all of a sudden, you hear a signal. You’ve found something in the sand. Do you get down and start digging with your hands? No, of course you don’t. You need to use a sand scoop or a shovel of some kind to get that treasure out, so let’s talk about sand scoops. What kind of sand scoop do you need? Sand scoops for metal detectors are made with different materials, and with different handle lengths.

First of all, you should consider the weight of the scoop. If you’re going to be out on the wet sand for hours with your metal detector, you might want a lightweight scoop. You don’t want to be carrying a heavy scoop around for that long. If you’re only going out for a quick sweep of the sand, however, you may get by with a heavier scoop. If you want something lightweight, then you will probably want an aluminum or plastic sand scoop. A stainless steel or galvanized steel scoop will be a bit heavier.

What kind of sand will you be digging through? Are you going to be digging through loose sand, or dense heavy sand? Maybe you’ll be digging through the wet sand at the waterline. If you’re digging through light, loose sand, then a lightweight scoop will do the job. If you’re digging through wet, heavy sand, or even rocky shoreline, you will want something sturdier. In this case, the stainless steel or galvanized steel will probably be better than the aluminum or plastic sand scoops.

The handle length can make a difference when it comes time to scoop your treasure out of the sand. Some sand scoops come with a short handle, positioned right on top of the scoop which are great for the loose sand above the water line . Others come with a long handle, meaning that you don’t have to bend down to dig out your treasure. There are some tradeoffs, though. With the longer handle, you may not have to bend down to dig out your finds, but you do lose some leverage. This means that you will have a harder time scooping items out of wet or heavy sand, especially if they are buried a bit deep.

There are some long handled sand scoops that overcome the leverage issue by allowing you to use your foot to help push it into the sand. If you want a long handled sand scoop, and you’ll be doing a lot of traveling to do your metal detecting, then you may want to look at the sand scoops with a handle that can come apart, making it easy to fit the scoop in a suitcase or other baggage for your trip.

Some beach metal detecting enthusiusts prefer a longer, sturdy, stainless steel sand scoop so there is the ROYAL STEP-ON SAND & TREASURE SCOOP. This scoop is made to last long and survive rougher use in the water, Get yours here;

Finding a treasure under the beach sand can be exciting. A good sand scoop makes it easy to dig and sift through the sand to retrieve the item. But the wrong sand scoop can make the process laborious. You need a scoop that will suit your needs. Make your choice based upon the type of sand you will be searching. Small lightweight scoop for dry sand, sturdier galvanized or steel for wet sand and definitely I would go with a solid stainless steel scoop for very rocky shoreline. I keep a couple of each so I am ready to search any type beach. Choosing the right scoop will go a long way to make metal detecting a fun and exciting hobby.


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