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How to clean finds

Ideas on how to clean your metal detecting finds

Home Electrolysis video

I am posting this home electrolysis video that I made while cleaning a few silver rings. If you have never done electrolysis and have always wondered how, then watch this video until the end, it is a little over 9 minutes long. You can use the same process for cleaning silver coins but I do not recommend it for rare or … Continue reading »

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To Tumble or not to Tumble?

To tumble or not to tumble, that is a question that I consider a lot. Obviously the answer for key-date coins is a big NO but clad and other finds, I tumble all the time. In fact when I have coins that I can't see the date on no matter what I do, I will … Continue reading »

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Cleaning your finds

SILVER COIN FINDS A question I hear over and over is, what's the best way to clean my metal detecting finds? Unfortunately the answer is not so simple because every find is unique and cleaning your finds must be carefully thought out. In most cases regarding key-date coins and old antique items, you should not clean them. Even … Continue reading »

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