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Metal Detecting With Dirtscanner


Hi folks, my name is Roger, aka Dirtscanner on some metal detecting forums , I am a Metal Detecting Hobbyist from New England. I have been metal detecting for about 10 years so I decided to create this website to further enjoy what has become my favorite pastime, by sharing information with others that hunt with metal detectors.

You can never gather or share too much information on this great hobby because, I don’t know about you but I am learning every day and the more I can learn the better I become at it.

I hope that my postings will benefit you whether you are new to the hobby  and just looking for information, or you are a seasoned veteran of metal detecting like me looking for other opinions or just wanting to see pictures and read stories about what others are finding in the ground.

I am an avid beach hunter, but I also hunt parks, homes and wooded areas, anywhere there is history or treasure to be found I will swing my metal detector and dig targets.

On this website you will find topics like, what equipment do I need? What is the code of ethics or proper etiquette? when do I need to ask permission?, how do I clean my finds, or should I perform electrolysis, etc?

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I will be posting researched facts and some of my opinions on all aspects of metal detecting, as well as the different types of detectors, handheld pin-pointers, digging tools, headphones, etc. The where, when and how of beach detecting, the best time to hunt parks and other popular spots, and anything else that I can think of that might be of importance to others that swing metal detectors.

Check out my finds page  where I will post some of my finds and talk about how it all happened, depth, signal, etc. Be sure to come back as I will update my finds and other information on a regular basis.

Also be sure and check out my other categories and posts, where I will be writing regularly about different topics related to metal detecting. Hopefully you will find those writings interesting, helpful  and/or maybe even entertaining in some way.

Also check out my Amazon Store here and find the detector and accessories that you might need.

Thanks for checking the website out and make sure and bookmark this page and come back again for updates.

Happy Hunting!