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Going for the Gold!

Posted by on December 16, 2013

pull tabs while metal detecting


~~As a metal detectorist, one of the things we all look for and hope to find is gold. Whether it be a gold coin, nugget, ring, chain, or any other gold jewelry, it is always in the back of your mind while swinging a detector.

But, it is elusive, and at least in my experience as a metal detecting enthusiast, not something you find everyday.

 I find that here in Massachusetts my best chance for gold is on a beach and that is usually where I find it.

The problem with that is a lot of people like to enjoy a beverage or two while at the beach resulting in lots of pull-tabs and bottle-caps, from soda & beer cans, being left behind.




Well, those items just happen to identify on metal detectors the same as gold does, making it frustrating in the search for the elusive gold.

 However, if you are patient and persistent enough, you will eventually find the gold. When metal detecting on a beach you must dig everything and I mean everything. If you keep digging those signals and keep getting pull-tabs you can't get frustrated, you can't stop digging those signals because you will find gold.

 On one beach hunting trip I dug the 18 pull-tabs in the picture, some bottle-caps and some pieces of small foil, not pictured, before I found this 14k gold turquoise and diamond ring. Guess what it rang up as on my detector?

 A pull-tab!

14k Gold, Diamond & Turquoise Victorian Ring metal detecting find

14k Gold, Diamond & Turquoise Victorian Ring


So you see, my patience and persistence paid off in a big way! Keep digging those foil, pull-tab, nickel & zinc targets and you will find your gold.

 Happy Hunting!

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