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Minelab Pro-Find 25

Posted by on June 17, 2013

The Minelab Pro-Find 25 is a high end hand held metal detecting pinpointer with similar characteristics as the Garrett Pro Pointer. The differences are minor, it detects with the sides and tip, it has a light for low light hunting, it is not waterproof and is generally not great for beach hunting due to the fact that it can give a false signal if the sensitivity is to high, however that is adjustable on this pointer. It has automatic shutoff after 8 minutes on non detection and has vibrate and sound detection response. It is a sensitive pointer and will get the job done preferably on land.

What others are saying

"This is a great unit… it does have a better detection ability than the Garrett unit, but negligible… at most the unit detect's a 1/2 inch better but has to be straight on end or at a specific location on the side of the probe to obtain a good signal… The LED is brighter and the chirping is louder, but does not perform significantly better."

"Got the new Minelab ProFinder 25 out of the shop and 10 min. later it quit working so took it back to the shop where no matter what the salesperson tried he couldn't get the Minelab to work either. Well I ended up getting a full refund and my good old reliable Garrett ProPointer back."

"I really like the Minelab Pro-find 25. It makes finding objects alot quicker without having to sift through everything. Very reliable and accurate. I would reccomend it very much."


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